3 Reasons to Take Your Time When Hiring a CFO

Your company’s chief financial officer will play an integral role in your company’s future, regardless of the size of your business. Whether your current CFO is retiring or otherwise leaving the company or your company is expanding and it’s the first time you’ll be appointing a CFO, hiring a new CFO is not a decision you should rush into, even if you fell pressed for time.

Rely on an Interim Expert

Hire an interim CFO immediately to fill in the gap between permanent hires or to ease your company into working with a chief financial officer overseeing things. Trained, highly educated CFOs not only help manage the daily operations of your business, but they even work to streamline and improve business practices using their wealth of experience at different facilities. Plus, an interim hire can prove an integral part of the decision-making process, helping you interview prospective candidates and sticking around to train her permanent replacement.

Great Experience Doesn’t Always Mean a Good Fit

The best CFO at a company in another industry doesn’t always have the know-how to operate in your industry. Although a candidate may seem appealing on paper, seeing how he’d do his job in your company firsthand is a must to finding a long-term match. You could hire candidates on an prospective basis to work with the interim CFO you’ve hired from a CFO service to see how well he adapts to your company. At the very least, knowing you can rely on the interim CFO from the CFO service while you decide will give you more time to conduct interviews and do research on your candidates to unearth any potential problems.

You Can Interview More People

When you’re panicked about filling a gap in your company – especially as important a gap as a CFO – you’re likely to hire the first person who seems qualified. However, with more time at your disposal to conduct your search, you may find someone with even more experience or equal experience who demands a smaller salary and fewer benefits. You might even be able to court potential hires away from existing positions at other companies.

Some companies wind up promoting a loyal staff member from within the company, while others hire a CFO with experience at other businesses. However you wind up finding the CFO that will take your company into the future, don’t feel pressured to hire the first candidate that comes to mind. A well-thought-out choice is more likely to prove the right choice in the long term.

3 Tips for Running a Small Business out of Your Home

These days, an increasing number of small businesses are home-based. In light of the constantly-evolving nature of the job market and the rapid rise of new technology, it makes perfect sense for budding entrepreneurs to ditch traditional office spaces in favor of more comfortable work environments. If you only have a few employees – or are your company’s sole employee – there’s no reason to sink thousands of dollars a month into renting an office. Small business owners eager to learn more about the ins and outs of home-based enterprises can benefit from putting the following tips into practice.

Have Someone Available to Answer Your Calls

There are few things clients find more irksome than not having their calls answered in a timely manner. Unfortunately, if your company doesn’t have a receptionist on staff, unanswered calls can quickly pile up. To prevent this from happening, rent a virtual office space from a reliable company like Eatontown, NJ-based Main Suites, LLC. This ensures that every call received during normal business hours will be promptly answered, much to the delight of your client base.

Rent Conference Rooms as Needed

When scheduling important meetings with high-end clients, it’s in your best interest to rent a conference room. Meeting with clients of this caliber in your home – regardless of how tidy it is – generally won’t give off a sense of professionalism. Jersey-based business owners on the hunt for conference rooms for rent should get in touch with Main Suites, LLC. Offering top-of-the-line conference rooms for unbeatable hourly rates, Main Suites should be your first phone call when planning a professional gathering.

Stick to a Schedule

As anyone who’s worked from home can confirm, a lack of structure can create big problems. If you’ve grown accustomed to the daily grind – i.e., getting up at the crack of dawn and reporting to an office by a predetermined time – working from home represents a tremendous adjustment. Although working out of your residence affords you a great deal of freedom, it’s imperative that you stick to a schedule. Failing to do so will result in missed deadlines, heightened stress levels and unsatisfied clients.

For smaller companies, working from home is the way of the future. Keep in mind, however, that this type of arrangement doesn’t absolve you or your employees from acting in a professional manner. To ensure that your home-based venture goes off without a hitch, take the above-mentioned pointers to heart.

Effective and Efficient Meeting Management Tools

Do you have a boring meeting where the participants are so passive to give their opinion for the success of the company? Hence, there should be a tool to measure the effectiveness of the meeting. Of course, you don’t want to spend high cost for paying meeting rooms, consumption and even hotels for the participants. This is so wasting money and not so effective to gather many people which attend meeting for the formal reason only.

It is time to use meeting management tools if you would like to have large group for meeting. It starts from pre-meeting where you should discover the purpose of the meeting. Who are the participants and who will be the sponsor for the large meeting? Think about a small group of meeting where it is more effective to share the opinions. For instance: you would like to launch a new product next year and you need opinions from participants to know about the market. It should have a comprehensive baseline survey where the questionnaires are made so detail to know how it would be in the realization. Furthermore, it should be a financial calculation about the effectiveness of the meeting. Of course, you are not entering the result of questionnaires with longer time since it is easy to be converted to the power point before the meeting starts. This will be a good examination for speaker to give summary report and opinion to business.

If you wish to conduct of effective and efficient meeting, you should make session to session is having a theme. For example: excellent service from sales agents. You should give a detail session about examples of problems in the fields which are common faced by sales. This will be a good lesson learn for sales to apply in the real business. Thus, your company will grow rapidly if you do regular evaluation meeting like this.